Who has the Best Credit Card Offer?

Who has the Best Credit Card Offer?

This is a mind boggling question that a lot of people both experienced business owners and new small business owners are asking themselves as of late. With there being hundreds of business credit card offers out there today it can be hard to know how to compare business credit cards against each other.

If you are looking for a secured credit card for your business it can be even harder as they tend to have a lot of extra fees and charges. This is why it is important to not just read the small print of any business credit card offer but to actually make notes and think about how those terms will affect your business. You can not compare just the business credit card fees but the best credit card offerterms as well, if you are late with a payment on a chase business credit card will you be charged more than if you had a wamu business credit card.

Business or Personal Credit Cards
The three major credit card companies that are in most peoples wallets also have business credit cards available
• Chase
• Capital One
• American Express

As far as business credit card offers go there are three of the four that are the best to use when running a business or corporation no matter what the size of the business is whether small or large . Chase, Capital One, and American Express are the best known and well regarded credit card companies for both secured and unsecured business credit cards.

Why use chase credit cards rather than amex?
One reason is the simple fact that there is the cash back feature. So every time the company makes a purchase on anything with the card they will then receive a small percentage back. This cash back arrangement is much better for the company than air miles which normally benefit the user of the card rather than the company. It is especially useful if you are able to clear the balance every month so you are never paying interest.

Best Credit Card Offer

Capital One Credit Cards
Capital one are generally known as a company that deals with students and people with bad credit. If you are looking for a business credit card and have had some credit issues in the past then look for a capital one credit card offer. You will almost certainly have to look at their secured credit card offers for business. They offer superb deals and you have a good chance of being accepted but the interest rates and fees will generally be higher than you could get elsewhere.

American Express Business Credit Card
Amex are well known, one thing that is not so well known is that they are amongst the most expensive cards to have and that there are less places which will accept them. If you are a small business which uses your small business credit cards to buy items from suppliers then the amex business card may not be the best choice. If you use your cards to pay for meals and entertainment then Amex is perfect.

Chase Business Card
Chase are a well known and well connected business orientated bank and having their credit card in your waller is not a bad thing. They will not just accept anyone so if you have had some problems with bad credit and are not looking for a secured business credit card Chase are not likely to be the bank for you.

Business credit card acceptance
People often ask “how do I get a business credit card?” . The same way as you would get any other type of card, You need to get the business credit card application forms and fill them in. Before you go off applying for any type of card, secured or not, you should think about whether your business really needs a corporate credit card. Having a credit card tends to lead people into leaving money on there rather than paying it off every month. Your business visa bill will keep on increasing if you do not clear the balance every month just as your personal credit card would. Give some thought to whether your business can run without extra credit cards, if it can then you should seriously consider it.

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